Daily Dancer

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Daily Dancer Still Maintained?
The Daily Dancer is no longer maintained. That is, support emails are no longer answered, and development on the Daily Dancer has stopped. The source code is available (see github link near bottom of this page) if you know someone who wants to host and/or continue development of the Daily Dancer. You can contact the author by creating a pull request on github to one of his projects. If this project was/is useful to you, hopefully somebody else will pick it up.
What is Daily Dancer?
Daily Dancer is a computer program that pulls events from two sources: from the Sacred Circle mailing list and from the dance calendar at pdxecstaticdance.com. All the events found are grouped by date of occurrence.
What's going on today in the Portland ecstatic dance community?
That is exactly the question the Daily Dancer sets out to answer.
How do I make sure an event I post to the list gets displayed on the Daily Dancer?
Put the date near the top of your email, and spell out the month:
Watch the Moon Rise with us March 15th at 7pm.
I posted an event to the list, and it does not show up on Daily Dancer. What do I do?
First, does your message represent an event? Only events show up on Daily Dancer.
Second, has the message already come through the list?
Third, if the above are true and it still does not show up, send an email to support@pdxdailydancer.com so we can help. Please reference the subject line of the message you posted to the list and what day and time you sent it.
I posted the same event twice, and it only shows up on Daily Dancer once. Is that normal?
Yes, that's normal. When Daily Dancer detects two messages that represent the same event, it shows the one that was sent most recently.
I have a suggestion. Where do I send it?
The Daily Dancer is no longer maintained. See the first question at the top of this page.
The Daily Dancer is no longer maintained. See the first question at the top of this page.
Who built this?
This is the site that Jack built. Jack Desert. Yes that's his real name. You've probably seen him in the Tiffany Center on Sunday mornings in red pants and a black tanktop. Jack started dancing in 2014, and loves to build things.
Where can I find the source code?
Daily Dancer is open source, and it uses other open-source technologies---a combination of ruby, regular expressions, rspec, sinatra, sqlite, the sequel gem, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS. Read the source code on github.